Posted: 5:28 pm Thursday, January 16th, 2014

Grantham: His defense was ‘backbone’ of UGA winning two SEC East titles 

By Chip Towers

Todd Grantham was officially introduced as Louisville’s defensive coordinator on Thursday, and I couldn’t help but find several of his comments intriguing.

It’s clear he wasn’t interested in throwing a lot of bouquets Georgia’s way. One of his first acts on the job was to tweet out of picture of the Cardinals’ indoor practice facility. Georgia, infamously, hasn’t bothered to build one. Then at the introductory news conference Thursday afternoon, he basically said his defense was the reason the Bulldogs won two of the last three SEC East titles.

“We really have been the backbone of getting to those conference championships,” Grantham told the assembled media. “I think the ability to see how we changed an identity and developed some mental toughness and physical toughness there and develop players.”

The Bulldogs’ defense was one of the best in the country in 2011 but regressed significantly the past two seasons.

Grantham said one of the main reasons he left Georgia for Louisville was, “Coach (Bobby) Petrino is a very dynamic play-caller, a very dynamic offensive person. To be able to team up with that was too good to pass up.”

Never mind that he’s leaving a team that was averaged 37 and 38 points per game the past two seasons, respectively, under offensive coordinator Mike Bobo.

Grantham also cited the influence of Louisville Athletic Director Tom Jurich in making his decision.

“Look at the things he’s done,” Grantham said. “To win a championship, it takes a lot of different elements. And the first thing it takes is to have an athletic director that has a vision for the resources needed moving forward. And you obviously have that.”

Again, the inference is he didn’t have that at UGA.

Those all make nice soundbites for the Louisville media. But the truth is, Grantham’s decision was motivated by finances and job security. And nobody can blame him for that.

Grantham accepted the Louisville job after he was presented with a five-year, $5 million contract offer. They also agreed to let him hire his brother, Tony Grantham , previously of Navy, as one of his defensive assistants. UGA has a nepotism policy that never would have allowed him to do that.

Considering Georgia’s poor defensive showing this past season, the Bulldogs were not about to match the offer. Grantham was the highest-paid member of coach Mark Richt’s staff by far as it was. He had two years remaining on the three-year contract that paid him $850,000 annually. And if the Georgia defense had performed next season similarly to this past, Grantham would have been fired.

The worst thing about Grantham’s departure is it forced Kirk Olivadotti and Chris Wilson to explore options. Both would have remained at Georgia otherwise. But with no assurance a new defensive coordinator would retain them — and they were viable coordinator candidates of their own right — they needed cover their own behinds and make sure they had something out there.

Turns out, college football is in what I call the “silly season.” So much money is pouring into the game these days as a result of new television deals and conference realignments and the like that,  if you’re worth your weight in salt as a coach, there’s plenty to be had out there. And Georgia has/had some good coaches.

But after Georgia’s poor defensive showing this past season, it wouldn’t have made sense to throw a bunch of money at a staff that underachieved under Grantham’s guidance. Ironically, the Bulldogs now find themselves in the middle of this voracious market and now they’ll be forced to pay to bring in talented assistants.

Based on the scale that Louisville was willing to pay Grantham it’s clear that it’s now Georgia’s turn to shell out the dough.


I think this blog has been hijacked by crazy people.


Under Grantham, opponents regulary hung 30-40 point on his "elite" defense.  What's worse, is how many defensive players Georgia routinely sends to the NFL----so, talent ain't the problem.  Sorry Todd, I'm sure you're a fine fellow...but the average high school coach could have equaled your defenses paltry performance; and at a fraction of the salary. 


I still would like to know what Richt and/or McGarity said to Grantham that would have prompted this guy to diss Georgia the way he did when he showed up in Louisville. I mean if it wasn't something they said - say like, 'don't let the door hit you in the a$$' - then I guess it was that the puke-a$$ SOB was just that all along. Hey Grantham...check Olivadotti's and Wilson's goodbyes...that's called class - since you obviously wouldn't know it if it went past you on a 'go' pattern.


Thomas Brown:  Its  certain that Louisville will be ranked ahead of UGA at the end of this next season.

Hate to bust your bubble. 


Grantham was a slight improvement over Martinez but his teams had difficulty stopping the run and this year the secondary was porous.  But at UGA Grantham did not put a championship calibre defensive team on the field.  2012 was the closest with all that talent but even with them BAMA wore them down with the run in the SEC championship game.  Almost is never good enough for a championship.  It has been the offense that has kept the DAWGS in the hunt. 


DawgNole September 5th, 20125:22 pm

“I’m on a Tech blog because I follow Tech and pull for the Jackets in all games except those with UGA and FSU.”

DawgNole at 4:48 p.m. Nov. 26, 2013

“I pulled for both teams in the '03 Sugar Bowl.”

DawgNole January 4th, 2013 6:13 pm

"Half of me pulled for the Dawgs, half for the Noles–depending on the game situation. Mixed feelings, torn, and still don’t know who I’d pull for if they play again."

DawgNole at 8:00 p.m. Dec. 6, 2013

“True that, TB--then and now.”

DawgNole January 5th, 2013 10:38 pm


“You’re the only one who appears to have an issue with that.”


DawgNole September 3rd, 2012 6:33 pm

“I pull for both teams pretty much equally–and intensely"

DawgNole October 16th, 2012 10:38 pm

“I said if UGA didn’t beat Missouri it likely would be another year of beating the pansies and losing to the others. Halfway through the season, we’ve beaten the pansies and lost to one of the two others.”

Posted by DawgNole at 10:36 p.m. Nov. 16, 2013

"It's well established that the Dawgs' schedules in '11 and '12 were not what they could've been in terms on strength."

Swamp Thing September 3rd, 2012 4:54 pm

“DawgNole (which end is the Dawg and which end is the Nole?)”

DawgNole January 5th, 2013 10:38 pm


“You’re the only one who appears to have an issue with that.”



You Georgia fans are just talking out of one side of your mouth,  yeah it is easy to blame a departing coach for the lack of failures including being 5 yards short. 

How bout stating the truth,

"Considering Georgia’s poor defensive showing this past season, the Bulldogs were not about to match the offer. Grantham was the highest-paid member of coach Mark Richt’s staff by far as it was. He had two years remaining on the three-year contract that paid him $850,000 annually. And if the Georgia defense had performed next season similarly to this past, Grantham would have been fired."

The truth is Richt has been able to passively get by blaming: a DC OL, DL, Strength and Conditioning, lack of facilities, playcalling( which he took back over for a few games) and another DC.  The truth is that in any other program that had this much NFL proven talent would have shown the Head Coach the door after all of the discipline problems, arrest, and lack of wins. But Richt was fortunate enough to have his AD get fired twice and new folks come in and then a group of boosters who did not want to eat money they would have to pay out if they fired Richt. 

Spinning the truth that Richt is out of options afer hiring JP this time around should be fired if they fail to meet expectations. Any other answer is just taking a whiz into the wind.

We have the same of Mark Schdawgs of ESPN, The UGA party favor putting his Dogs back in the early 2014 season, and the homers on the AJC, Bradley and non recruiting guru Michael Carvell promoting his dogs while bad reporting other schools.  New QB, great running backs, average OL, returning injured WR's and a defense with a new DC with still same proven pot smoking DBs. 


That statement is almost as much of a joke as his performance as a big-time college coach!!


Hope he can coach indoors ... since he wasn't so good outdoors!!!  Then  again, his defensive unit wasn't so stellar the three times he played in a dome!!


That statement is almost as much of a joke as his performance as a big-time college coach!!


Don't get to excited about being in a playoff anytime soon.  Man what a choice in a head coach here is a guy who negotiates in secret to go to Auburn.  Then moves on to Arkansas and we all know how that turned out and to yet another school and then for some unexplained reason back to Louisville and rehires this guy.  I hope the AD knows what he is doing and most of all did not sing a long term contract  Because if things do not go well he likely will sneak out of town leaving a note on the lockers of .the players and coach and show up at the next school who would be stupid to hire this liar.  As he demonstrated to Arthur Blank of the Atlanta Falcons.   

Then Mr, Grantham who apparently thought he was Mr. Wonderful and never once saying a nice thing about Mark Richt, who took real heat from fans and alumni for keeping this coach. Nothing positive to say about any of the coaches at Georgia.  This ought to tell you something about about these two coaches.  So as I said  do not get to excited about being in any play offs or national  titles. .


Jerry Glanville, along with June Jones coaching the east team in today's Shrine Game. I about fell out of my chair, lol.


Don't really care, just glad he's gone. Time will tell if he's overrated. Speculation is pointless and leads to classless accusations and useless drivel...


Why are all the coaches jumping ship at Dog house?

Maybe Tom Brown can answer.. Please limit your answer 

to 20 chapters of babble.


Coaches at UGA are as delusional as their fans.

P.Beaux Rockit
P.Beaux Rockit

Did he take credit for the losses to Clemson, Auburn and Nebraska this year, or the loss to Bama in last years SEC championship game?  Credit where credit is due, right?


I hate Grantham his defenses sucked but he hit the nail on the head the AD has no clue unless it's freaking tennis he learned nothing while @ Folida. We are 1 of the top 10 programs in the nation & we have to use the Falcons facility when the weather is bad. UGA has enuff money to build a hundred indoor facilities but are to stubborn to do it we wont win a NC because  the university want let us !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I sure hope Pruitt teaches these guys to tackle. It's kind of an important skill when you play football.


ThomAss, Louisville is exited about joining the ACC, 2-0 in BCS bowl, SEC 0-2. Cant blame them for wanting to join the new conference of Champions.


I don't think Bobo would like you boasting about his 37 ppg stats. Even he knows Petrino would've put up mid-fifties per game with the offensive weapons Ga had the past two seasons


What a load of hogwash, Todd Grantham is feeding Louisville.

23 points per game career here Todd Grantham

21 points per game career here Willie Martinez

16 points per game career here Brian VanGorder

I can't blame Todd Grantham ?

In a pig's eye.

He is an OL from VT whose ill-conceived scheme does not work, and he can't teach it.

Todd Grantham also owes The University of Georgia, among other debts to us, $ 40,000 for breaking his contract, I wanted to pay him off to get him the heck out of here.

University of Louisville # 161 best college.

Louisville Cardinals who played only 1 team who made any Top 25 Poll for 2013, and Lost.

University of Louisville, such a perfect fit for the ACC # 161 best college.

Louisville will have the worst turn-around from good to bad in the history of college football.

It matters not what category you compare defensively 2013 to 2014 and beyond.

Dead Last Worst Ever.

Defensive Coordinator at 2 places, he was fired from Cleveland, and run out of town here on a rail.

He had to leave.

The way he did it, he has pay us $ 40,000.

I would gladly have paid off his 2 remaining years.  That's my only regret. That we did not have that satisfaction.

Louisville has no money.

Louisville has no fans.

Their indoor practice facility is a joke; if that's all we can afford here - we're better off without one.

It looks like a cheap, poorly constructed apartment building.

$ 8 million dollars ?  That's an Indoor Practice Facility ?

Couldn't build a proper playing surface for those peanuts.

Let alone a roof.

Our Indoor Practice Facility is going to be 140 yards long, 80 yards wide and 100 feet tall.

Their "indoor practice facility" is in name only.  Todd Grantham knows that, since we practice Indoor at the Atlanta Falcons' Indoor Practice Facility in Suwanee.

Louisville's is 120 yards long.  That's not long enough to practice indoors.  That means the back of the end zones are into a brick wall zero clearance.

You tell me ?

Is that even safe for the kids ?


Not at all.

South Milledge Avenue is an impressive setting for it but if you thought we would be better off with one already when I call for one daily here and have for years that costs $ 8 million dollars, you are deluded.  Our cost will exceed $ 30 million for a proper facility.

If we were to build some piece of crudola here in The SEC, we would be lampooned for it, as they are.

It is used against Louisville in recruiting, not as a recruiting advantage.

Kirk Olivadotti and Chris Wilson are not nearly Defensive Coordinators at this point in their careers, and the last worst decision we could afford to make now would have been to have Mark Richt try to teach a Defensive Coordinator how to be a Defensive Coordinator.

He had to already be groomed for that.

If that ruffled the feathers of Kirk Olivadotti and Chris Wilson - sorry about that.  Truth hurts.  Y'all are neither one ready yet.  I'm not even certain Jeremy Pruitt is, and he is a Defensive Coordinator.  At least he can coach special teams and can coach the secondary, something neither Kirk Olivadotti or Chris Wilson helped us with at all.

Todd Grantham's entire staff he hired when he got here just 4 years' ago, had all QUIT him not wanting to work with him, before Todd Grantham got run out of town on a rail by mostly me.


What a damn joke.

Hey Todd Grantham, leaving The University of Georgia and going to that hellhole of a "college" must be like going to bloody high school, eh ?


Such an annoying speaker and a horrible coach.  Anyone that says "Ah" as many times as this dude has done is straight lying and is full of bull.


Grantham might be right about those east divisional championships. None of you mutts are smart enough to know he saved Brother's butt that first year. Brother was on the ropes. Two straight crappy seasons.

I get no pleasure in patting Grantham on the back. But you guys will never change as long Brother is

your ruler. But then again, I do enjoy you guys chocking every year.        


@wreckmaniac LOL "certain".  The only thing "certain" is that you techies will continue to be obsessed with UGA.


I am not thinking that we have much been in the hunt with 18 losses current 4 years and 26 losses current 6 years.



And your point is? Mindless, as always.

Unlike you, I stand by my posts, which isn't hard to do, because also unlike you, I don't lie, twist, distort, evade, deny, exaggerate, and misquote on blogs.


I prefer the "cliff notes"...


LOL, and trolls like you are a dime a dozen. Aren't you special?



that's funny, lol. You accidentally put an s on Champion...


@ThomasBrownGood Grief brother you need some help, and are you british? notice you really like bloody. He got run out of town on a rail by you, You probably couldnt run a pair of hose. UGA and ThomAss Brown "What a damn joke" You are either insane or just plain ignorant.


@ThomasBrown Apple and oranges comparing defensive stats from Van Gorder's stint because the old SEC didn't have a lot of offense. They are slowly evolving into the old Big 12


@ThomasBrown: "Todd Grantham's entire staff he hired when he got here just 4 years' ago, had all QUIT him not wanting to work with him, before Todd Grantham got run out of town on a rail by mostly me."


By mostly you??? LOL. Arrogance/narcissism personified!

I think most would agree that it sure as hell wasn't mostly by you; rather, it was by his very own incompetence as a DC.


@ThomasBrown: "Louisville will have the worst turn-around from good to bad in the history of college football."


So you already know, ThomAss (the great and powerful)?

Should we believe you? Will you be as accurate in this prediction as you were on the one below?

ThomasBrown at 5:35 a.m. Nov. 2, 2013
. . . FSU is so good with # 68 Strength of Schedule that they CANNOT make BCS Title game . . . .



I did not see you in the nc game like FSU and Auburn.  Are you afraid to have your team listed in your handle ?  Posting about how sorry we are because you are Godless.



Correct me if I am wrong, but darn it sounds like you just said this post by me of what you tell us all here on AJ-C blogs, NoleDawgJacket, is correct.  That you made all these statements and stand by them, every single quote I just put up by you.



I see no reason to answer that question because you don't answer direct questions I ask you, now do you you little twit ?

But, British Georgie tek grads who give English lessons online would capitalize that ?

British are not the only ones who speak like this, and yes I have stated repeatedly I lived outside the U.S. on an expatriate package for myself and my wife for years with a multinational U.S. firm.

There more you'd like to know about that you little worm ?


@gtcaryd @ThomasBrown 

". . . insane or just plain ignorant"?

It's actually a heavy dose of both--along with a full load of other distasteful character issues that have been well-documented here many times.



You're the very same guy who made this statement that all these programs are better football programs than my alma mater, here UGA, aren't you Mulk ?

Again, what is your team ?  Whom is it you root for sir ?






S. Carolina







Ohio St.


Mich St.

Penn St.










Okl. St.

Notre Dame

(1) Did you just say not 4 days' ago Mulk that all these programs are better than UGA ?

(2) Who is your team Mulk ?


@DawgNole Oh, I don't know about that DawgNole that I have not been all over him like stink on dodo.  I believe I have.

As for arrogance son, we see here to this one post by me, you stalking me as Blog Bully bringing up old posts by me you clipped I have asked for the URL Link to, and see your smart butt replies to my post here, 2 of them back-to-back, as if 1 not enough, but where son is something you have to offer ?

You know post something yourself DawgNole ?

I do lots of research and post my opinions.

You ?

You cut and paste someone else's posts and arrogantly talk about what they said.

Does that then make you a great poster ?

Or, arrogant, stalking, blog bully ?

Now, where's my URL Link, I asked for ?


Arrogant stalking blog bully, DawgNole.



November 2, 2013 FSU was ranked # 3 in BOTH polls.  In fact, more to the point, FSU was # 3 in the BCS Poll that day.  The point on November 2, 2013 A.H. was that FSU could indeed not make the BCS Championship Game that day, now could they ?

Why ?

Because of your stinking # 68 Strength of Schedule that day, son.

Yeah, I made that statement that day,

Bite Me FSU fan.

I made some other statements that day.

Why would you clip just that, when the entire post was in direct reply to your questions to me that day, that morning - was a reply to you about FSU ?

Afraid to put it up ?

University of Georgia AP Poll Rankings :
# 22 UGA 2001
# 3 UGA 2002
# 7 UGA 2003
# 7 UGA 2004
# 10 UGA 2005
# 23 UGA 2006
# 2 UGA 2007
# 13 UGA AP, # 10 Coaches’ Poll 2008
# 19 UGA 2011
# 5 UGA 2012 # 4 Coaches’ Poll

Half of the Current 6-year period Mark Richt has not been ranked at all any poll
3 of Current 6-Year Period Mark Richt UNRANKED

Southern California 2001-2013 :
# 1 in recruiting rank, average ranking # 6
Tied # 1 in NFL Draft Picks, with 79 with Georgia

Georgia 2001-2013 :
tied at # 2 in recruiting rank, average ranking # 8
tied at # 1 in NFL Draft Picks, with 79 same as Southern California

Compelling Games College Football ?

Miami of Florida games 2013 :
2-6 Florida Atlantic college
4-3 Florida beat no one : 2-4 vols, 1-6 KY, 3-5 Arky, & something called Toledo college ?
1-8 Savannah State Junior College
2-6 Southern Florida Bulls
4-3 Georgie tek : 2-7 Elon, Duke 6-2 Va Tech not ranked, 2-5 UNC, 3-4 joke Syracuse, 26 VA
2-5 UNC
4-4 Weak Forest

Florida State University, not considered top college by long shot :


# 68 Strength of Schedule : URL Link :

108-49 Miami of Florida during Mark Richt Era at Georgia 2001-Current
100-53 Florida State during Mark Richt Era at Georgia 2001-Current
122-43* Georgia Bulldogs Mark Richt Era *SEC not stinking ACC

Official NCAA National Championships URL Link :

27 National Championship University of Georgia Bulldogs
1 National Championship Georgie tek Women’s Tennis only and 1 of those
5 National Championships Miami of Florida
6 National Championships Florida State – all 6 very minor insignificant sports
25 National Championships Florida crocodiles

27 National Championship University of Georgia Bulldogs :
1 Men’s Baseball
10 Women’s Gymnastics
2 Men’s Golf
1 Women’s Golf
5 Men’s Swimming and Diving
6 Women’s Swimming and Diving
2 Men’s Tennis
27 National Championships University of Georgia Bulldogs* Baseball Significant.

* Does not include 6 Football 1-A FBS National Championships by same polls Georgie tek has 6
**Georgie tek has 0 AP Poll National Championships any sport ever except Women’s Tennis 1.

38 Sports Listed by NCAA. GA doesn’t compete in many and does compete in others not listed.
174 Individual National Championships University of Georgia FSU has 74 one hundred fewer.
Georgie tek 26 individual National Championships Official NCAA at this URL Link.
Miami of Florida has 59.


# 6 Georgia Bulldogs 92,703
# 19 FSU 75,601
# 94 Miami of Florida 47,719 – don’t speak Cuban
# 100 Georgie tek 43,955 – a third of which are Asian, 29 % of which are women
Good news for Georgie tek fans (both of them) is that is more than Appalachian State

Should have No Trouble Watching Miami of Florida lose by 21 at 8pm GA-3 at 3:30.

What would you do if it was at 6 pm ? Or at 5 pm ? Or at 4:30 pm ? Or, at 4 pm ?



Why are you surprised? Have you in some way altered here what I posted? If not, then yes, as I've explained to you before--more than a time or two--I stand by my posts. You should try doing the same; it MIGHT help your serious absence of credibility on here. 



More blog bully from arrogant stalker.  This is nothing but a pure personal attack.  Are we to believe from such repeated behaviors from to you everyone on the Internet across all AJ-C blogs without so much as a word otherwise that you are great my son ?



Oh, you think you are so smart Mulk, a Georgie tek fan.  No wonder you don't like me having lived my life here in Atlanta.  Think I don't know you're Georgie tek fan ?  Eh, Mulk ?


@ Mulk,

just answer the question, or stick a sock in it...


@ThomasBrown @DawgNole 

STOP whining! You had plenty of opportunity to save face by picking the FSU-Auburn winner after berating FSU/ACC all season. You ducked and hid repeatedly--like the gutless liar you are. 

I provided you the date/time of your post. It's clear from the format that it came from an AJC blog. And now you're demanding that I find the URL link, as if you don't believe you actually posted it?! Doesn't work that way, ThomAss. YOU find the URL link, you lazy POS. 

I have many more of your BS posts--each of which will continue to expose you. Arrogant coward. And if you don't want to continue to be slapped down for your lies, STOP lying!

The fact that you think you had ANYTHING whatsoever to do with CTG's departure says it all. Your narcissism is sickening, as your butt buddy Moist would exclaim.


@ThomasBrown  And damn right you lied! Just like you did when you posted that UGA beat Vandy last season.

Here's another one, from this very post, which shows once again that you're unable to post without lying:

"Clemson has beat no team who is ranked all season long. How good are they ?"

All season long? Fool. The Dawgs were ranked when Clemson beat them; so were the Buckeyes--and the latter all season long. Quit trying to twist words; you're fooling nobody. Liar.

And here's another one:

"ALSO lie and distortion to say that ACC is great because 3 teams of entire league are ranked at all."

NEVER have I said the "ACC is great." Post the URL, liar!

And hell no I'm not going to post your entire piece of garbage when I can just pick out your lies, distortions, exaggerations, and misquotes. Very few read your crap in the first place; they sure won't read it if I repost it every time I smack your sorry azz down for lying. Weasel.


3 ACC Ranked Teams
All 3 in the Top 10
SEC has 3 teams Top 10 too
And, SEC has # 11 and # 12 and # 14
Any B.S. by DawgHole about this being a LIE or MISREPRESENTATION is utter B.S.

ACC is not the Conference The SEC is.

I am really glad that 3 ACC teams are ranked, of course none of them have beat anyone.

I am here to describe the B.S. schedules of the 3 ranked ACC teams :

Should we start by pointing out The SEC teams & who they’ve beat this season who is ranked ?

Or continue on this I am a LIAR when of course, no details are provided in rebuttal just everyone QUOTING MY RESEARCH.

Do you do research ?


Do you disagree that ACC teams have beat ranked teams ?


Well, you say they have; but none of them beat anyone who is ranked.


It’s B.S. Schedules that have Miami of Florida, FSU and Clemson ranked.

Clemson has played 1 team who is ranked and got BLOWN-OUT.

That hardly then counts as a great win for Florida State, now does it ?

Or, does it ?

Clemson has beat no team who is ranked all season long. How good are they ?

That is the point, not the B.S. liar claimed in retort with no team who is ranked Clemson beat.

Right ?

Like saying you don’t know whom it is you would pull for when FSU and UGA play.

Like saying you don’t know whom it was you did root for when FSU and UGA did play.


ALSO lie and distortion to say that ACC is great because 3 teams of entire league are ranked at all. There is no comparison of rankings that has advantage ACC.

(1) FSU beat Clemson but Clemson has beat no team who is ranked.
(2) The Rest of FSU’s schedule is Ranked # 68 Strength of Schedule including Clemson.
(3) Clemson only has played 1 team all season who is ranked & was BLOWN-OUT.
(4) Clemson’s Strength of Schedule is # 39 including FSU
(5) Miami of Florida’s Strength of Schedule worst of ALL at # 82
(6) Georgia’s by Stark Comparison Contrast is # 1 Strength of Schedule in the nation.
(7) This is the point. Not a post calling me LIAR and not detailing one (1) stinking lie.
(8) Miami of Florida does not play Clemson
(9) Clemson does not play Miami of Florida
(10) Miami of Florida has not played one single team who is ranked, none.
(11) Miami of Florida all season has no other team on schedule who is ranked.
(12) What does it mean then for FSU to beat Miami of Florida by 21 points ?
(13) Well, since there are Six (6) SEC teams ranked in the Top 14
(14) Miami of Florida will NOT be ranked as highly as 6 SEC teams tomorrow, will they ?
(15) ACC is trying to play the same game the Big XII does early every year
(16) Oh, we have all this great top-ranked teams
(17) Who have not played anyone, will not play anyone, if they do, get BLOWN-OUT.
(18) How good is FSU with # 68 Strength of Schedule ?
(19) FSU is so good with # 68 Strength of Schedule that they CANNOT make BCS Title game
(20) This as the result of FSU’s CUPCAKE-CITY Strength of Schedule in stinking ACC.

The whole entire post really is about FSU answering your badgering questions about how I feel about you saying you are both a Better UGA fan than I and stating repeatedly that you don't know whom it is you would root for UGA or FSU were we to play again - indeed could not formulate a reply to which team you did root for when we did last play in a game January 1, 2003.

Bite me.

Damn right I said that.