Skateboarding down Sunset Strip a good idea for Todd Gurley?

It might not be that big of a deal to some people, and certainly isn’t to Todd Gurley. But personally I found it a little alarming that Georgia’s star tailback, a Heisman Trophy candidate this coming season and a likely Top 10 NFL Draft pick a year from now, is spending his down time this month skateboarding down Sunset Strip and hanging off balconies in Hollywood, Calif.

At least that would appear to be the case, according to a couple of photos Gurley posted on his Instagram account (copies below).

I think about things I did as a 19-year-old (Gurley doesn’t turn 20 until Aug. 3), like jumping off cliffs into the Chattahoochee River and playing pick-up tackle football games on hard-pan fields, and I just shrug at what Gurley does with his free time. Then again, I wasn’t preparing to try to win a championship for my school or sign a multi-million-dollar professional contract.

Not judging here. Just figured I’d share it for discussion. Thoughts?

Hanging off balcony

Learning to skate on Sunset Boulevard

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