UGA QB Hutson Mason aims to ‘just rip it’ and improve pass game

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Georgia senior quarterback Hutson Mason threw his first two interceptions of the season on Saturday against Tennessee. But he continues to lead one of the SEC's top offenses. (AJC photo by Brant Sanderlin)

ATHENS — We’ve been having some technical issues with our story-filing platform today, so I’ve been unable to update you on all the news coming out of Georgia’s Media Day today. They’re working on that situation and I should be able to get all that to you shortly.

In a nutshell: Yes, Malcolm Mitchell and Justin Scott-Wesley are going to play; no, Jonathon Rumph probably is not; neither will Keith Marshall; Todd Gurley faces no disciplinary action for being at a bar in the wee hours Saturday night; Mark Richt thinks Hutson Mason is going to be fine but, again, did not discount the possibility of playing Brice Ramsey or somebody else at quarterback.

So there you go

In the meantime, Mason was available to talk to reporters on Tuesday. If you ask me, he was pretty tough on himself about Georgia’s inability to create much of a passing threat so far. But he vows to “have more fun” and “start ripping it” and quit worrying so much about being perfect all the time.

Here’s a brief video of Mason talking to reporters in the Butts-Mehre atrium on Tuesday and I’ll also share more comments from him below.

Mason on his frustrations after the Tennessee game …

“I won’t feel any better until we get this thing fixed and I start playing better, to tell you the truth. You know, it’s just part of it.”

On what that’s going to take …

“I think I can just rip it more. Sometimes there’s stuff I’m seeing that may not be wide open but, at the end of the day, you’ve just got to give your guy a better chance. I promise I’m going to do that. I promise. I’m just going to just rip it.”

Expound on ‘just ripping it’ …

“I think some of my problem in the past is I just try to maybe put too much pressure on my self to try to get everything right. I think that’s kind of made me slow down in my ability to play mentally. As a quarterback, you always want to be the guy who gets the check right, gets the protection right, knows 100 percent what the defense is doing. Sometimes you spend too much time trying to figure out what they’re doing instead of playing off of basic rules and playing freely. I think that’s what I’ve done a bad job with is trying to get it 100 percent right instead of just seeing what I see and throw it. That’s what I’m going to fix.”

On the dangers of becoming too careless …

“It’s a good question. You always want to be cautious and make good decisions. But I think there’s just going to be a new mindset that I take this week where I’m just going to try to let it fly to the best of my ability. Obviously I’m going to try to still make good decisions.”

On the impact of Malcolm Mitchell and Justin Scott-Wesley’s returning from injuries …

“I’d like to think it will help a lot. I tell the receivers this all the time: It starts with me and it finishes with y’all. It’s up to me to throw an accurate ball and get it going. Sometimes they’ve got to make a tough catch. I may not hit them in the nose all the time.”

On how Mitchell and Scott-Wesley have looked so far …

“They’ve looked good. I think it’s going to take a few days for Malcolm and Justin to adjust to the playbook. They’ve been out for a while so some of these routes that we’re running they don’t remember or we have different names now and stuff like that. Probably their endurance, too. Can they make it through a full game. Justin said he’s been running extra sprints on the side. We’ll just have to see how it goes.”

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